Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Crowns, Veneers and Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry improves the quality of your teeth and enhances your smile. We work with clients from across the region offering a range of cosmetic dentistry services from our state of the art clinic to achieve their desired dental goal.

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Dental Crowns

When veneers are not an option, crowns will help in smile enhancement. They are most often used in the front teeth to improve the strength and / or the look of the teeth. Crowns help heavily stained teeth, teeth with large fillings and more. Crowns that require laboratory fabrication are sent to highly experienced New Zealand Laboratories ensuring that the fit is absolutely perfect.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an amazing process that will help to whiten the colour of your teeth making your smile look brighter, whiter and younger. It is a bleaching process that will help to lighten any stains you have on your teeth.

Before you have your teeth whitened by our New Plymouth staff, you will first need to have an assessment completed by our dentist or dental hygienist. Our dental experts will help you decide if you are a good candidate for tooth whitening.

If whitening is appropriate for you, we can make an appointment which lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. Most of the time one treatment is enough to provide the whitening effect you desire. However, sometimes more appointments will be necessary to get the required whiteness. Sometimes a whitening or a take home kit will be necessary to get the desired results. Getting your teeth whitened by your local New Plymouth cosmetic dentist at Mangorei Dental Care is the fastest, safest and best way to get the job done.


Veneers are a fantastic dental product made of either ceramic or composite material. They are used to improve the appearance of the front teeth and to enhance your smile. Veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth and are used to treat chipped, stained and / or broken teeth.

Veneers can be used on all of your front teeth for a complete smile makeover, or on one tooth to treat a chipped, stained or broken tooth. They can also close gaps in between teeth, lengthen teeth that have been worn down and improve the look of crooked teeth.

Have a look at our before and after photos of clients who have had veneers put in. You will see the amazing difference.