Mangorei Dental Care is an amalgam free general dental practice in New Plymouth. We provide a range of quality dental care services using the latest technologies.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation includes a full mouth examination with digital intra-oral x-rays and panoramic x-rays. Digital x-rays are safer as they use less radiation compared to conventional x-rays. We will discuss with you your requirements and appropriate treatments from our variety of quality dental services to help you achieve the smile you want and deserve.

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Hygiene Services

Our regular dental cleaning services will help you manage your oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings have been shown to help prevent cavities, gum disease and many other health problems.

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Root Canal Treatments

A root canal treatment is an option where the only other solution is an extraction. This is because the tooth has suffered irreparable decay. Root canal treatment involves removal of the diseased pulp of the tooth so that the tooth is able to function. A decayed tooth causes pain and we can help you. Have a root canal treatment done in order to save your tooth.


The last resort in dental care is extractions or removing a tooth or teeth that are destroyed by decay or disease. We also extract wisdom teeth when needed. Extraction is an option where saving a tooth by root canal is not possible. Our staff will make you comfortable in order to help you get the dental care you need. We will take care of you from the beginning and follow up with you to make sure everything is going well for you.

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ACC Consultations and Treatment

If you have a dental injury, ACC may be able to help you cover some or all of the costs of the treatment for your injury.

ACC can help if you have injured your tooth or its supporting structure in an accident, this may include, fillings, crowns, root canals, implants or on-going repair work.

We can help you fill out a claim form for help from ACC, which is the first step in getting help. You may have to pay the costs upfront and be reimbursed by the ACC.

If you have any questions about our general dentistry services just give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to have a chat.

WINZ quotes available.

Composite Fillings (amalgam/mercury free)

We provide the best in restorative dental care and we can guide you through the process of restoring your smile. For more information see our restorative dentistry page.